Marvis J. Marlow 'Help Your Neighbor' Grants
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Marvis J. Marlow (pictured, far left) was a beloved neighbor and lifelong friend of organizing pastor Nancy Graham Ogne. A man of deep integrity, Marvis was known by all as a kind-hearted neighbor -- generous with his time, attention and skills. Car need a jump? Marvis would help. Need to repair a fence or plumbing or wiring? Marvis was there with a helping hand. Need a ride to an appointment or the store? You could count on Marvis. After Marvis's death in June 2013, gifts from the Marlow family (pictured at right) created these grants to continue Marvis's legacy .... What kind action might you do today to help your neighbor?
Most of the Marlow tribe

How Marlow Grants Work

Marvis J. Marlow 'Help Your Neighbor' Grants are designed to provide small, quick-turn partnership grants (ordinarily $25-$150) to individuals wishing to provide practical, hands-on assistance to a neighbor, colleague or friend. Grants will be used to offset costs associated with hands-on assistance to others outside one’s own family. Open your imagination – but here are a few examples:
  • Planting a garden to beautify the yard of a sick neighbor
  • Repairing a fence
  • Power washing a house or driveway
  • Painting a room
  • Building a tree house
  • Driving someone to appointments or grocery shopping
  • Changing the oil or a car filter for a widow, elderly neighbor, college student or single mom
  • Mowing a lawn
  • Repairing a bicycle
  • Taking an orphaned or troubled teen for an outing – deep-sea fishing, pottery class, etc.

Please note: The word “ordinarily” is used intentionally and does not mean “without exception.” Situations will probably arise that the authors of these guidelines never foresaw. Our standard should usually be one of grace: releasing funds to do good and not restricting them.
  • This will not be a cash gift (or its equivalent) to a person or organization. Needs that require cash assistance should be directed to the pastor for possible support from the pastor’s discretionary fund or the general budget.
  • The act of service will be performed by one person, family or small group for another person, family or small group – and will not usually apply to service for an institution.
  • Grants will be issued in $25 increments, up to $150. Based on extenuating circumstances, the review panel may make a grant for more than $150.
  • A recipient will not ordinarily receive grants for more than $350 or 4 different projects in one year.
  • Download (above) and complete a brief application
  • Submit application by email to Kevin Morris at or or other person as specified
  • A small review panel of church members will consider your application within 10 days and advise you whether it’s approved and, if so, for what amount. If your grant is approved, you should receive a check within 14-16 days. In the unlikely event it’s not approved, the panel will explain its decision.
  • Within two weeks of the project’s completion, submit digital photos and/or a one-paragraph summary of the project, exercising care to respect the privacy of those served. (General rules for pictures: if the situation is specifically medical or related to children, the recipient must sign a waiver for a photo. In general, however, if it’s not a delicate situation and the recipient feels comfortable having their photo taken, great!) If possible, please photograph the project itself – a before-and-after shot of the repaired object or garden, etc. In the summary report, describe what you did, how the recipient responded, how it affected them, and any special insights they shared with you that would be a blessing to others to hear about.
  • If a family or small group is offering the service action, at least one member should be a regular attendee at Hope
  • Hope must ordinarily possess a current background check for anyone pursuing a project involving a minor.
  • Applying for a grant or submitting a report is not intended for us to “toot our own horn” – but to spur one another on in good works. We will try always to respect participants and, if you desire, your anonymity …. A grant allows Hope Pres to partner with you in your kind action and encourages others to think “outside the box” in extending kindness to others.
​Important: This fund does not exist to be protected but to be used. If it’s used in its entirety, praise God! We will make the fund available as long as others feel a desire to continue to give to and support it.

How They've Helped

Recipients have used Marlow grants to: repair the decorative fence of a disabled neighbor (and satisfy a strict community code); create a community garden for mentored students at an at-risk elementary school; prepare meals for a neighbor; host a party for residents at a nursing home; provide a 'chemo day' care basket for a cancer patient; offer potted plants to welcome new residents of the community; provide care bags for needy students; and purchase and deliver more than 200 'piddle pads' from Linens for Animals to Healing Ark Animal Rescue. How can you make a difference with your time, skills, and attention?